I Made a Thing

Content/trigger warning: suicidal ideation mention This is what my life is like. Image description: a Venn diagram of five mental illnesses: BPD, CPTSD, OSDD, depression, and anxiety. The mental illnesses’ circles contain the following: BPD: Unstable sense of self CPTSD: Flashbacks OSDD: One step away from having alters Depression: Suicidality Anxiety: Everything is scary The…

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Too out of spoons for titles

Content/trigger warning: abuse mention, disordered eating, money, death mention, reclaimed slur, cursing I’m tired. I’m so fucking tired. For personal reasons I can’t go into right now, my CPTSD has been having a motherfucking field day. So much hypervigilance, so many nightmares, and even flashbacks, which my antipsychotic has failed to keep at bay. (Fortunately…

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