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Mentally ill activist and angry Disabled loudmouth. Neuroqueer as hell.

I’m going to tell you a story

Content/trigger warning: brief mention of suicide attempt So I’m the lead singer for a metal band. Yeah. It’s pretty cool. (Well, it was until they posted on Craigslist about looking for a new singer behind my back. I left.) I recently wrote a song about anxiety. I called it “Stay Afraid, But Do It Anyway”…

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Acceptance vs. Awareness

Content/trigger warning: Autism $peaks, eugenics, violent ableism I don’t know what I’m doing. I feel like every other neurodivergent activist who writes as part of their activism knows what they’re doing. But I still feel like I have to try. “Stay afraid, but do it anyway,” right? And yeah, I know, I know, I started…

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You Are Not a Little Neurodivergent

Content/trigger warning: discussion of saneism Let’s talk about what it doesn’t mean to normalize mental illness. Or rather, let’s talk about one thing I see from neurotypicals that seems aimed at normalizing mental illness, or at least familiarizing themselves with mental illness, but is actually misguided and neurotypicalist. This is going to be a short…

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No, Neurodivergent People Are Not More Likely to Shoot Up Schools

Content/trigger warning: discussion of mass murder, slurs (censored), violent neurotypicalism Every time a (white) person commits mass murder, a collective thought bubble appears over the neurodivergent community, or at least over the heads of those of us with “scary” ND conditions. The thought bubble reads: “oh, shit”. (No, I’m not saying we don’t care about…

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Leftist Ableism Bingo

What can I say? I hate it when supposedly “woke” people throw disabled people under the bus. Image description: a five-by-five bingo board containing descriptions of ableist actions frequently taken by so-called liberals and/or progressives. The text is as follows. First column: Telling disabled people that ableism is less important than [-ism of choice] Calling…

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Normalizing ND Symptoms & Traits

Content/trigger warning: mentions of abuse and police brutality, reclaimed slur Today I want to talk about normalizing neurodivergent symptoms and traits. I mentioned in a previous post that I have experienced a metric crapload of invalidation of my mental illness. (I don’t believe I gave an amount, but the correct technical term is “metric crapload”.)…

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