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Mentally ill activist and angry Disabled loudmouth. Neuroqueer as hell.

Autism Speaks Is a Hate Group

As promised, here are 20 reasons why Autism Speaks is an ableist hate group. Content/trigger warning: filicide, ableism, eugenics Autism Speaks presents autism as a disease and/or series of deficits, not a neurodevelopmental disability. Autism Speaks is responsible for a short film called “Autism Every Day”, in which an Autism Speaks board member claimed that…

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It’s April. FUCK.

I fucking hate April. Can I just say that? I fucking hate Autism Bewareness Month. Here are things I will be doing this month: -Donating proceeds from my Redbubble autistic pride-related collection to ASAN ( -Doing another autism acceptance challenge on social media and doing an entry containing the posts from the entire month on…

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Disability Day of Mourning 2018

Content/trigger warning: murder of Disabled people by their caregivers, violent ableism, mention of sick pet Today is March 1. Disability Day of Mourning. Why is it that I never have anything poignant and impactful to say on the days when I really, really should? Oh, well. Here we go anyway. For those who don’t know,…

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Less Well-Known Ableist Language

Content/trigger warning: ableist language (which you might have guessed :P), cursing First of all, I want to discuss ableist language that isn’t widely acknowledged as ableist in this entry because I see a lot of people who are attempting to be good allies to the Disabled community or are even Disabled themselves using some of…

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It’s Been a Year

It’s December 27, 2017. Carrie Fisher passed away a year ago today. I’m not okay. I wish I could say something poignant about Carrie’s legacy and the work she did to dismantle saneism, but I’m not okay. Today can be summed up with the phrase “I put on glittery eyeshadow in the spirit of #glitterforCarrie,…

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