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Mentally ill activist and angry Disabled loudmouth. Neuroqueer as hell.

Walk in Red Instead Challenge

Content/trigger warning: mention of person-first language, discussion of ableism The Walk in Red Instead challenge was originated by the runner of the Tumblr blog walkinredinstead. I fully admit I didn’t have the spoons to put a lot of effort into this, but for what it’s worth, here is my completed challenge. I did a similar…

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Autism Speaks Is a Hate Group

As promised, here are 20 reasons why Autism Speaks is an ableist hate group. Content/trigger warning: filicide, ableism, eugenics Autism Speaks presents autism as a disease and/or series of deficits, not a neurodevelopmental disability. Autism Speaks is responsible for a short film called “Autism Every Day”, in which an Autism Speaks board member claimed that…

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It’s April. FUCK.

I fucking hate April. Can I just say that? I fucking hate Autism Bewareness Month. Here are things I will be doing this month: -Donating proceeds from my Redbubble autistic pride-related collection to ASAN ( -Doing another autism acceptance challenge on social media and doing an entry containing the posts from the entire month on…

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