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Mentally ill activist and angry Disabled loudmouth. Neuroqueer as hell.

The Ableist Response to COVID-19

Content/trigger warning: COVID-19 (Coronavirus), ableism, eugenics, cursing, sick pet Stop me if this sounds familiar. You’re on Facebook, checking up on the latest from ASAN in preparation for Autism Hell Month and soothing your soul with kitten videos (or, well, that’s what you’re doing if you’re me) and you see a post that says something…

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Ableism in the Workplace

Content/trigger warning: discussion of ableism, ableist slurs (censored), cursing Hello, dear readers! As I probably forgot to tell all of you, I’m working full time now as a medical editor. And if you have to sell your body, soul, and labor to a bastion of late-stage capitalism to survive–which you pretty much do have to…

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What the Hell Is Self-Care, Anyway?

Content/trigger warning: cursing, discussion of ableism There’s been a lot of kerfuffle over what the clinical/psychological definition of self-care actually is. I don’t believe the term has been so watered down that it is meaningless, as I’ve seen some anti-saneism activists claim, but I do think it’s important that we set the record straight on…

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Sensitivity Reading

Hello, dear readers! I have something different for you today. I am offering my services as a sensitivity reader. As such, the tone of this entry is going to be different than my usual profanity-ridden, plain language snark. Here we go. Education B.A., Biological Sciences, Smith College M.S., Biomedical Sciences, Rutgers School of Biomedical and…

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Today Is Carrie Fisher’s Yahrzeit

Content/trigger warning: death For those who don’t know, the yahrzeit is the anniversary of death according to the Hebrew calendar. On a yahrzeit, it is appropriate to light a special 24-hour candle and have a moment of silent introspection before saying “may his/her/their memory be a blessing” in Hebrew. Because I’m converting Reform, I decided…

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Some Thoughts on Diet Culture

Content/trigger warning: cursing, disordered eating, discussion of diet culture I hate diet culture. You might be saying, “Of course you do, Mara. You hate everything.” And you’d have something of a point, but I don’t hate, for example, my wonderful fiancee. Or coffee. Or The Good Place. (Have you seen the latest season? So forking…

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