I Did an Activism for Autism Hell Month

Content/trigger warning: filicide, Autism $peaks mention, fucking April I fucking hate April. April drains the Autistic community. I keep hearing stories of burnout, depression, more frequent meltdowns and shutdowns, and completely shot executive function. I feel that. I’ve been pretty damn useless this month. But I did do something for April as a middle finger…

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Content/trigger warning: misogynableism (of course), cisheterosexism, exorsexism, violent ableism, sexual assault, ableist slurs, cursing A while ago, I wrote an entry on emotional sensitivity and neurotypicalism. It contained the following quote: “Anyway, let me give an example. Well, an intersectional example. ‘Hysteria’ used to be a mental illness. Women were actually diagnosed as ‘hysterical’ for,…

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Disability Day of Mourning 2019

Content/trigger warning: filicide, abuse mention We’ve established that I’m not the most eloquent person out there. There are other members of Disabled Twitter and Disabled YouTube who have expressed what Day of Mourning is about better than I could. (Alice Wong, Lydia Brown, and Amythest Schaber in particular have said important and poignant things this…

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I Have Another Project!

I started a YouTube series about my special interest in music! The first video is about my favorite songs of 2018, and it HAS CAPTIONS! I also talk about being Autistic a little bit, seeing as the series is called Rock, Roll, ‘n’ Stim. I will be getting rid of my Mara Lee Patreon account…

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Fire Theory

Content/trigger warning: abuse mention Hey, guess what, everyone? I escaped domestic abuse! Yay! I’m free! I’m safe! I signed up to lead a Disability Day of Mourning vigil! …I still have to put the apartment together and clean it, and find a new job! But I also finally came up with an alternative to spoon…

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I’m on Facebook!

Here’s my page: https://www.facebook.com/This-Is-for-You-Carrie-1840949102700857 There isn’t really much there now, but I will be posting things there from other activists, organizations, and various people who are more eloquent than I am. No, this isn’t the giant step forward for my mental health. I’ll post about that within the week (I hope).

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